Hiya!  Wowee we've had a busy April, May, and June so far.

Next weekend is the first in a while with no weddings or parties to flower.

As I write this, it is a beautiful sunny day outside in San Francisco.  No June Gloom this weekend!  I've just finished a bowl of sauteed oyster mushrooms and Garlic (Thank you Far West Funghi!) while sitting on the deck and staring at our truly depressing backyard filled with Dandelions.  I should be out there right this second gardening (I will!!), but it occurred to me that I haven't written here in a long time.

We did a wedding on the Rugged Pacific Coast and a Wedding at the tippy end of New York on the Atlantic Ocean in a two week span at the end of May.  We made Ceremony crescents at both.  One in Moody/Craggy tones, the other (pictured above) in soft coastal tones and textures.

SO MANY PRETTY FLOWERS.  Hope to have some good pictures to share with you soon!

And now to the Garden.  I have a bunch of Heuchera to plant out and we will be making our 3rd attempt at growing grass this week.

Hope your June is off to a wonderful start!  More frequent and longer posts to resume shortly, promise.