New year / Old year

Mary and I worked on another fun shoot last month.  Very excited to share with you once pictures have been edited!

If I took a few seconds to reflect on last year I'd have to describe 2016 for The Little Petunia as a year of SPLAT!  I jumped while I had momentum, executed a lot of different ideas without a whole lot of strategic planning and am now trying to start gently organizing it all.

The focus for 2017 seems like it's going to be distilling a little more clarity.  What I mean is this.  Last year we feverishly harvested every grape on the vine, regardless of its variety or maturity, put it all in a mash ton and said 'F it, let's see what happens!'  This year, I'm hoping I can push myself enough to think more carefully about the end result we're looking for, and work towards that while still holding on to that enthusiastic, childlike creative fervor.

As far as themes and creative directions, I'm really looking forward to exploring symmetry and delicate, intricate patterns this year.

I'm also hoping to create a more interactive virtual environment here, so ideas can flow freely between you, me, and the four walls of this website :)  

February is almost here and if you haven't already seen, we've got a fun Secret Tulip bouquet available (click on link to get a load of what's so secret about it).  Other than that I'm working on our first real newsletter, which should be chock full of interesting things for you to gobble up.  Wedding season for us won't start until May.  I should be starting seeds for late spring/summer blooms right now.  But one thing at a time.  Hope you are having a wonderful January.