A case of Clematis

I've come down with a case of Clematis.  Don't worry, it's nothing serious.

My favorite final flourish to any arrangement (and a trademark of anything The Little Petunia sends out into the world) is a wild, viney something or other tangled like a halo over other seasonal branches and blooms.  With anything viney, there is more likelihood that it will have gotten a bit beat up with all of the transportation and bucket switching needed to get a bunch to market.  So I'm interested in investing some time and energy into growing my own. This Spring I will be trialing 8 different types of these ornamental or flowering vines as cut flowers.  My list of candidates started out broader, but has quickly been whittled down to EXCLUSIVELY Clematis. 

Here are some of the things I would like to learn by the trial's end:

  • How long will it take to grow a plant that is large enough to cut from?
  • How long will each variety last in a vase?
  • What tips and tricks are there to extended the vase life of these beautiful flowering vines?
  • What tips and tricks are there for growing and caring for clematis?

While admittedly the name of this flower is a little off-putting, I promise once you scroll through the images below you'll be smitten.  Most types of clematis flower in the summer and many develop interesting wild or fluffy seedheads thereafter.

Resources/Future Fieldtrips:

And now for the varieties I'm interested in:

Sweet Autumn Clematis