Yesterday was the longest day of the year plus a full Strawberry moon and I was lucky enough to make it to Mark Morkford's vinyasa class after work.  After his classes, you are sent back off into the world sweaty and flushed of any heavy energy you may have walked in with.

The weather in SF has been beautiful this week. With 4 weddings and a fun launch event under our belt already this summer, I'm ready for the wee break coming up ahead...to spend time in the garden with Susan and to enjoy SUMMER time things with Greg and our friend Anna who is coming out to visit.

Downtime from weddings also means I'll have time to work on a new photo series.  I've got two in the works for July, one of which is going to be living wallpapers, inspired by retro prints.  I LOVE 70's florals and this is a great excuse to go digging through images to find palettes and patterns that I will be reinterpreting with real live flowers.