For the past several months I've been working with Hannah from Little Paper Press in SF and Kate Blairstone up in Portland on packaging for The Little Petunia's daily deliveries.  

I'm pretty pleased with what we've come up with!  Since I take a lot of care in what flowers we use and who we buy them from, I've incorporated that into library-card packaging that accompanies every floral delivery.  When you buy flowers from us, you receive a beautifully presented list of ingredients and their origins.  That way you can totally show off when someone asks you what that crazy furry flower in your bouquet is.  So cool, right?

For our bouquets I decided on on Smokey Grey Tissue and Recycled paper, Tied off with a ribbon.  Underneath all that wrapping is a hydrating mesh pouch that keeps your flowers happy until you're able to get them home and into water.

For our vased arrangements, I've been working with ceramicist Amanda Wright up in St. Helena on some beautiful vessels.  Our first run is a simple, classic tumbler in matte black, natural, and stone.  The next run is a speckled cylindrical footed compote.  I'm in LOVE with her Servitude line of vases (full disclosure - they are aspirationally priced), which have a very punk feeling to them.  Think matte black and white adorned with chains, straps, and buckles, all cast in ceramic. 

If you haven't heard, The Little Petunia is now delivering to San Francisco 7 days a week (!), and customers have up until 8PM the night before to order for next day delivery.  We've also been shipping wreaths nationally, with new styles in the works for this summer.  I have big plans for some beautiful dried emerald lotus leaves sitting on my shelf.  

That's my update for the week.  I have clearly not been great about posting once a week (oy!), but I promise I will try.  Greg and I are off to Germany next week to visit my sister and her husband.  It'll be my first time in Europe - so exciting!

Hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start!