I've been thinking a lot lately about time.  About how we parcel it up and how to spend it efficiently enough to create room for true down time with your loved ones.

The Little Petunia is not a normal flower shop with normal hours.  We shop the market, process flowers, and have arrangements ready to be delivered all before the peak morning rush hour.  Our delivery people are jills of all trades - designers, farmers, and professional gardeners, all of whom are balancing multiple jobs in addition to their responsibilities at home.

In my struggle to figure out how to get everything done on time, I am puzzled by how somebody could still manage to get it all done, say, once she has a kid.  Naturally, this pondering turned into an afternoon spent putzing around on the internet (wasting time!), researching articles on Time Management.  I found an interesting one from Entrepreneur, wherein the authors suggest that rather than "self-sabatoging" your day by thinking of it in terms of hours and minutes,  you should instead plan it out by thoughts, conversations, and actions.  Hmm.

They go on to list out 10 ways to implement this thinking into your days.  And these steps all seem to hinge on one essential skill - DISCIPLINE.  

When I think of all of the extraordinarily productive women in my life, I think....uh huh, they are also all very disciplined.

So is discipline something you can cultivate?  One of the monthlies that I subscribe to, Growing for Market, always highlights a SYSTEM developed by a farmer (out of necessity) to cut waste and efficiently execute a large task carried out by several people.  Seems to me like discipline becomes somewhat of a necessity as your job and your family responsibilities grow and become more complex.

So, needless to say, I think I've found my professional and personal focus for this Spring and Summer, and that is to be more disciplined.  It doesn't really sound fun, but I am kind of excited to try out the steps in this article.  I'll be sure to let you know if they are truly earth shattering!

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday, be it a relaxing or a productive one.