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Hello friends!  I am excited to announce a new blog series I'm lanching this month called 'On Inspiration'

I've solicited the wisdom and perspective of some of the most talented, creative people I know and am using this here little blog as a platform to share their insights with you.  First up, my bud and my studio mate, Katie Chirgotis of Eothen Floral.  

I first met Katie in April of 2014.  To know her is to know a gentle, powerful energy with strong ties to the natural world.  I laugh as I write this, but she is one of those glowing people that when you have a second of downtime with her you ask things like:  What's your skincare routine?  Have a good salad dressing recipe?  What do you think of this new dance move I've been doing lately?  Goofy but oh-so put together, Katie is also a fiercely talented floral designer.  Her aesthetic is wild and enchanting.  Katie's attention to clean lines and negative space have the effect of drawing the eye to the unfurling petals of a single exquisite bloom or to the unexpected reach of a solo squirrely stem.





I am so grateful to know her and am thrilled to share her voice with you, so without further ado, meet Katie!

TLP:  Hey girl!  I've been really into exploring sources of inspiration outside of what lives in my phone lately.  What sources (outside of Instagram and Pinterest) do you look to for Inspiration?


Museums, particularly modern art and textiles.

Botanical gardens.

Travel! Always a thrill to see species of plants in their native habitats, and how humans and non-human animals interact with them.


What is your creative process like?  Do you plan out exactly how something is going to look before you design it or do you start with an idea and let it take on a life of its own?

More often than not I have direction to keep in mind from my client. Which I love, a totally blank canvas can be intimidating. 

If I'm making something for myself, it's often based on an emotion or a movement I want to evoke. There's usually a slapdash soundtrack to go with it - I love hearing music and thinking about a particular palette and vice-versa.


What are your thoughts on following Industry trends?  Do you actively stay on top of what your peers and industry leaders are putting out there or do you try to limit how much you are influenced by what everyone else is doing?

It's really, really difficult to not see what else is going on out there and feel all the feelings. Pride-in and envy-of my colleagues are never far from each other. In the design field, I think it's incredibly important to forge your own path and just start to feel out what FEELS GOOD, while also being mindful of what your clients want and what's going to continue to advance your business. It's a complicated, murky topic I tend to turn over in my mind on a daily basis.


Are there certain themes, subjects, ingredients, color palettes that you tend to go back to over and over again?

I got one for all of them, I am a creature of habit.

THEMES - the balance of masculine and feminine, prettiness and edginess

SUBJECTS - concentric circles and isosceles triangles

INGREDIENTS - a rad branch will fix anything

PALETTES - if I could work with all my growers to create nude blooms, I would. I also have a lustful attraction to rusts and weird reds.




What are you into right now?  How is it manifesting in your current work?

This may be a bit of a cop-out because...I'm distracted from my current work. I'm in the process of planting out my studio garden, and it's really difficult to be inside the studio when all I want to do is be out in the dirt! I've been investing in perennials, researching what they require and how they'll continue to grow and evolve as the garden matures. I've been gobbling up gardening books and magazines, it's like the homework I always wanted.


Since social media and the online world are a part of most of our every day lives, are there any interesting feeds or online resources that people should know about?

Feeds I love:





Yes!  Can't wait to check them out.  Also - I'm going to take that gardening enthusiasm as a hint and get my bum into gear and finish prepping my share of our beds for those early summer flowers.  Smell ya later!


Well, hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about Katie ( @eothen_) and her design philosophy.  If you'd like to join this fun, informal exploration of inspiration and one's individual creative voice, leave a comment below!  Until next week....