We're Hiring

Ladies and Germs!  We are looking for a Spring/Summer Apprentice.  Interested?  Email hello@thelittlepetunia with a bit about yourself!

Spring/Summer Apprentice

Apprentice will be immersed in the day to day workings of The Little Petunia, working alongside of Stephanie in the studio.  This individual will receive hands-on experience in processing flowers, coordinating deliveries, and getting the studio in order.  You will meet our farmers, help out in the garden, and assist in the multitude of fun (and not so fun) tasks that come with running a small business.  This position is 10 hours a week for 3 months, with the likely potential of turning into an assistant position upon completion.  

Days of the week:  Fri and Sat.  Friday mornings will be early!

Expected breakout of duties: 70% grit (packing deliveries, washing buckets, sweeping the studio), 10% clerical, 20% creative.

No experience required.