Wine and dates.  That's what I've had for dinner tonight.

Being an adult is a funny thing.  You can do things that you know you shouldn't, but no one's really going to stop you.  Other things on my brain at the moment:

We sell these amazing wood wick vintage rose candles in our  apothecary that make any stinky old room you're hanging out in feel luxurrrrious.  I have one burning now.

I have an idea for an all seasons wreath that I'm really, really hoping I can make happen.

I need to be more involved in my local politics.  I need to help do something about what's happened this past week in our national politics.

Either on my trip to Berlin this Spring or through my *bad* Instagram habit I found a flower shop in Germany that I am digging.  Marsano Berlin.

Thanksgiving and the holidays are just around the corner.  If you have ambitious decorating plans and need ideas or have technical questions on wreath making, garland making, etc.  I am an open book!  Would love to share.

You know, flower arranging is really one big experiment.  And honestly, things are so much prettier and fun if you're coming at them from your own perspective.  Anyone can show you how to duplicate what they do, but that is really only the beginning.  EVERYONE has creativity running through their veins.