It's high summer.  Zinnias are in full bloom and Dahlias are just starting to come on.  This weekend I'm headed to PA for my friend Jenna's wedding and I am so excited to see my girlfriends from home.

So far this summer has been just busy enough.  I've gotten to spend time with friends, spent short trips with family, and I have time carved out in August to spend with Greg.


Maybe taking us a little by surprise, this year Greg and I started feeling an emptiness being so far away from our family and oldest friends.  It's a weird feeling, I guess, when you finally start thinking about adult things like owning a home and starting a family.  Lord knows we're taking our sweet time.  No big changes to report yet on that front!

I've kept busy with flower orders from friends and coworkers.  I've been waking up at 5AM to go to the Flower Market before work, coming home to "growers choice" buckets waiting for me in my garage, and arranging on my back deck until it's dark.  I didn't picture this Spring/Summer turning out how it has, but I'm happy.  Hell, I even shipped a bouquet overnight to the East Coast.  And it showed up happy and alive!

Next on the horizon for me is working on a catalog of services.  My first wedding is coming up in October and I'm very excited.  I've got at least one on deck for next year.  Things are happening at a pace that I'm comfortable with.  A pace that makes sense for now.

Hope you are enjoying the pace of your summer as well.  We've got a whole 'nother month of it.  Soak it up!