Farming and Navigating new ventures

Earlier this month I finally squeezed in some time to visit my friend Zoe up where she farms in Healdsburg.  It was grrrreat!  I got to shovel horse poop (which has been on my to-do list for a while now)  and prick out early spring seedlings - Columbine, Digitalis, and Dusty Miller.

I am so happy driving back to the city on days like these.  When I pull into the city gas station in my Dusty Duck Boots with mud smears on my face I feel at home.  Zoe sent me back with some starts that I've mostly all transplanted in my backyard.  I told her I'd send a picture once they successfully bloom.

I also realized that I should NOT be starting my poppies on a heat mat indoors - they need the cold to germinate!  Since I moved them outside more have popped up.  Greg is going to Aspen this weekend on a ski trip so I might take advantage of the alone time and go check out American Soil Co in San Rafael and invest in a few bags of primo bedding mix.  My compost system seems to be doing alright, but I'm not super vigilant about making sure nothing large (i.e. whole rotting winter squashes) goes in there.  I DID learn that a trick for ensuring you have a nice fine mix of compost (or horse shit) to work into your beds or flats is to use a Chicken wire screen and dump the manure on top and filter it through just like you'd use a sieve for flour - brilliant!

I'm now into my fourth month at my new gig and am finding it trickier to effectively accomplish goals than I thought it might be.  I'm doing some reflecting, realizing that maybe by diverting more energy into things outside work I might actually get out of my own way.  I am truly thankful for the opportunity to be doing what I'm doing.

Delving into my own strengths and weaknesses is uncomfortable for me.  I'm realizing it's necessary, though, in order to more gracefully navigate the challenges of trying to build a business from the ground up when it is not actually my business. If anything, I'm learning loads about the challenges inherent in running a small business and how important time management, effective delegation, and effective communication is.  I think right now that means I'd do best to focus on being a great employee.   It's not even been a year since I embarked on this new journey, I can stand to be a bit more patient.