Everything in the Universe is Within You

Just hopped out of the shower and feeling hecka clean.  It's already been 2 1/2 years since we moved to California and one thing I promised myself and vow to stick to is no matter how long I reside on the West Coast, the words "hella" and "rad" will never become part of my vocabulary.  I have no problem with Hecka for some reason though.

Work has been fun and busy.  We're gearing up for our first Valentine's day with both our online and storefront businesses pumping.  If I'm being honest, I'm a little wound up about it.  Last night I dreamt about managing crowd control - hopefully we're as flooded with bouquet-needing lovebugs as my frenzied brain thinks we'll be.




Post Valentine's Day I hope to make lots of farm visits.  WOW farm in West Oakland, where my friend Linnea is the flower farmer, is first on the visit list next week.  Then hopefully I'll be able to make it down to Soquel and visit Carra at Everett and then Little City Gardens in SF the following week.  

This past weekend was a teensy bit indulgent for me.  I got the best facial of my life at Skin Remedy in Presidio Heights.  In a sublime mental state as I lay between their heated blankets, a wave of incredulousness washed over me.  As the aesthetician dug into the knots in my shoulders I thought about how much I am using them every day now, how my hands are almost always rough and dirt caked, how I can just jump to it when a guy drops into the shop in a rush asking for a $100 bouquet that'll knock his girlfriend's socks off.  Thankful, and well aware that I've got so much to learn, this year I'm hoping to cultivate a broader knowledge and skillset as a grower.  I am by all means a novice and can now empathize with how overwhelming crop planning seems to be to the farmer friends I've made in the past year.  I have trouble focusing in general - how do you juggle keeping that many things alive at once, all the while ensuring you have exactly what you want at your fingertips as a designer?  It is truly mind boggling.  I hope I have it in me!