Wreather Madness

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching a foraged wreath making workshop as part of the Ogaard Offsite Series at West Coast Craft.  WCC is a really fun, curated weekend event featuring uber talented makers of all kinds - woodworkers, ceramicists, apparel designers, jewelry makers, weavers, and the like.  I've always had fun walking through the show as a customer, so I was over the moon about the opportunity to teach there this weekend.

When it came down to materials sourcing, my girl Carra pulled through in a big way.  We laid out Bay, Magnolia, Olive, Pyracanthus, Persimmon, and lots of other dried goodies for students to choose from.

We all started with a honeysuckle vine base, layering on an assortment of interesting branches and textures from there.  Everyone's wreath turned out so differently.  It was an absolute blast and a great official kickoff to wreath making season.


Each student went home with their own handmade wreath made of materials foraged in Sebastopol and Soquel.  

My project for this week is to pull together inspiration for new wreaths to add to the webshop!  What do you think?

Bklynbride.com, Jessica Niello, Aesme Studio, JoFlowers.

Bklynbride.com, Jessica Niello, Aesme Studio, JoFlowers.

It really feels like fall this year in SF.  The days are shorter, the leaves are turning (a bit) and the air is brisk.  Can't get enough of it!