A Kind of Imperfect Grace

This past year has been jam-packed with momentous life events for me.  In a year I've completely changed careers, got married, and traveled outside the country for the first time (to see my sister get married!)  I've been focused on learning as much as I can from the people around me, hungry for information and skills.  

On the flight back from my sister's wedding in Mexico one of the few English Speaking magazines I could find at the airport was Vogue.  There was a spread in it highlighting singular looks from the Spring runways, celebrating each model's individuality as women.  On the same page as a model decked in a short green Saint Laurent fur coat was this quote,

"I have always been drawn to a person oblivious of conventions, someone with a sense of freedom and joy - even hedonism at times - and a kind of imperfect grace."  Heidi Slimane

"That's me!"  I thought.  Almost.  I used to be a big time worrier (my first roller coaster ride was the most stressful event of my adolescence.  I was convinced my younger sister had to have fallen out of the train behind us.)  I'm proud that I'm now living life with freedom and joy, and I am often COMPLETELY oblivious of conventions, blurting out things on the regular that could be utterly offensive (if only I weren't so sweet - ha!).

But grace....I don't know if I'm totally there yet.  So as I set intentions for the new year, the first one on my list is to be more thoughtful.  To pause before jumping to action.  To really work on not procrastinating (this is so hard for me!)  To go back to letter writing and impromptu gift giving.  And maybe more phone calling.  

My other two intentions are:

 - To invest time and energy into learning photography.  If I'm going to work in a creative field it's just not cute to take crappy pictures.  

 - To get off the farming sidelines and really just start doing it.  Yes, I'm still going to take advantage of my Mondays off to learn from REAL farmers, but I've got to start somewhere, which is the tray of poppies I just started on my new grow mat (thanks Greg!) today.

I'm so thankful for all of the gifts this year has brought.  Now it's my turn to give in the year to come.