Hiya!  Wowee we've had a busy April, May, and June so far.

Next weekend is the first in a while with no weddings or parties to flower.

As I write this, it is a beautiful sunny day outside in San Francisco.  No June Gloom this weekend!  I've just finished a bowl of sauteed oyster mushrooms and Garlic (Thank you Far West Funghi!) while sitting on the deck and staring at our truly depressing backyard filled with Dandelions.  I should be out there right this second gardening (I will!!), but it occurred to me that I haven't written here in a long time.

We did a wedding on the Rugged Pacific Coast and a Wedding at the tippy end of New York on the Atlantic Ocean in a two week span at the end of May.  We made Ceremony crescents at both.  One in Moody/Craggy tones, the other (pictured above) in soft coastal tones and textures.

SO MANY PRETTY FLOWERS.  Hope to have some good pictures to share with you soon!

And now to the Garden.  I have a bunch of Heuchera to plant out and we will be making our 3rd attempt at growing grass this week.

Hope your June is off to a wonderful start!  More frequent and longer posts to resume shortly, promise.






It's no secret that I'm fond of umbel shaped flowers and anything that dangles.  Campanula is a variety of cut flower that falls into this category and it is not one you see in abundance at the flower mart.  This year, we're hoping to trial 4 different varieties in both our South San Francisco studio garden and a sunny piece of land in Sonoma.

These are Biennials, which means we'll be planting them in late Spring/early Summer of this year.  That will give them time to get established, leaf out, and lay dormant over the winter.  And then by late next Spring, hopefully we'll be swimming in these beauties which will add lovely gestural movement and some airy height to next years bouquets and arrangements.




missed connections

I'm sitting in the airport right now.  Through a series of unfortunate events I have now been bumped from two flights.  Just trying to meet up with my baby in Venice for a fun weekend we have planned at the beach in LA.  Arggh.  I'm making the best of it, having a beer, looking at the foggy whitewashed SFO runway and am thankful as hell for the piano player at the baby grand.  Ahh!  He just finished and got up unnoticed - no one clapped!  Nooo.  Maybe he just went to get a sandwich.  I hope he comes back.  I also hope I am not stuck here all night.

Flexibility/compromise/patience - these things are important and worthwhile I am growing to understand.  When I first began voraciously reading about, talking about, and practicing growing and arranging flowers I could only see one future for myself - running a mighty little business, making deliveries, doing weddings, and hanging around with flower farmers all of the time.  What I've started to realize is What girl (or boy) doesn't have that dream?  And why shouldn't she?  But if we all quit our jobs and became flower farmers or florists....how would that work?

Through patient observation I've also come to a comfortable conclusion that we don't have to do just one thing.  And that doesn't mean we're not hard core enough or serious enough about our craft, it might even make us more interesting people.

The intersection of people, places, and persepectives fascinates me.  There's the intersection of flowers and photography.  and personal style.  and music.  and the specific energies of particular people or periods.  the interaction between generations.

In addition to flowers, I'm also doing merchandise planning - which basically means projecting, planning, and building assortment architectures for retail businesses.  Finding opportunities and trends in what's selling and helping lay the groundwork for future buys.  At one point I became dispassionate about this work, but I really do enjoy it.  And it's turned out to be a lovely, unexpected foil to the creative act of arranging flowers.


And now I'm happy to report the piano player has come back.  Man is he tinkling those ivories.  Don't worry, I will clap when he finishes this next song.  And drop a dollar in his tip jar.

My plane reading: Erin from Floret's new book, Cut Flower Garden.  It's a great read so far.  You know that whatever she does, it's going to be done well.

As far as things going on this Spring, I miiiiight be teaching a little workshop later this month on arranging flowers two ways - Lush garden compositions and spare architectural arrangements.  If it's a go I will let you know the when and wheres!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and please, send some good juju my way so that I make it out of here on the next flight.



New year / Old year

Mary and I worked on another fun shoot last month.  Very excited to share with you once pictures have been edited!

If I took a few seconds to reflect on last year I'd have to describe 2016 for The Little Petunia as a year of SPLAT!  I jumped while I had momentum, executed a lot of different ideas without a whole lot of strategic planning and am now trying to start gently organizing it all.

The focus for 2017 seems like it's going to be distilling a little more clarity.  What I mean is this.  Last year we feverishly harvested every grape on the vine, regardless of its variety or maturity, put it all in a mash ton and said 'F it, let's see what happens!'  This year, I'm hoping I can push myself enough to think more carefully about the end result we're looking for, and work towards that while still holding on to that enthusiastic, childlike creative fervor.

As far as themes and creative directions, I'm really looking forward to exploring symmetry and delicate, intricate patterns this year.

I'm also hoping to create a more interactive virtual environment here, so ideas can flow freely between you, me, and the four walls of this website :)  

February is almost here and if you haven't already seen, we've got a fun Secret Tulip bouquet available (click on link to get a load of what's so secret about it).  Other than that I'm working on our first real newsletter, which should be chock full of interesting things for you to gobble up.  Wedding season for us won't start until May.  I should be starting seeds for late spring/summer blooms right now.  But one thing at a time.  Hope you are having a wonderful January.




Wine and dates.  That's what I've had for dinner tonight.

Being an adult is a funny thing.  You can do things that you know you shouldn't, but no one's really going to stop you.  Other things on my brain at the moment:

We sell these amazing wood wick vintage rose candles in our  apothecary that make any stinky old room you're hanging out in feel luxurrrrious.  I have one burning now.

I have an idea for an all seasons wreath that I'm really, really hoping I can make happen.

I need to be more involved in my local politics.  I need to help do something about what's happened this past week in our national politics.

Either on my trip to Berlin this Spring or through my *bad* Instagram habit I found a flower shop in Germany that I am digging.  Marsano Berlin.

Thanksgiving and the holidays are just around the corner.  If you have ambitious decorating plans and need ideas or have technical questions on wreath making, garland making, etc.  I am an open book!  Would love to share.

You know, flower arranging is really one big experiment.  And honestly, things are so much prettier and fun if you're coming at them from your own perspective.  Anyone can show you how to duplicate what they do, but that is really only the beginning.  EVERYONE has creativity running through their veins.